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Credentials are Key - Here is how I'm qualified to assist you:


* Started with Equitable Life of New York, 6/1/1986

* Obtained CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) in 1989

* Obtained ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) in 1992

* Obtained CFP (Certified Financial Planner) in 1999

* Became independent financial planner in 2000


Getting to know

Jim Slacke

Thank you for visiting my site.  I look forward to learning how my years of experience as an Insurance Broker can help you make the best insurance and financial decisions for you and your family. 

I have been in the insurance and financial services industry since 1986. Over that time, I have helped
people with many different types of insurance, as well as offered investment advice, retirement planning, and
comprehensive financial planning. I began this career because I felt it was important to understand how
money worked, not only for the clients I served but for myself as well. Along the way, I discovered
something about myself…that I truly enjoy educating people about issues regarding money.

The real reward in doing what I do is knowing that I have left my clients in a position to make more educated decisions about their finances. Whether someone uses me or not to handle their insurance or some other form of asset protection, I always encourage them to consider me as a resource they can call anytime they want another opinion. My hope is that you will too.